Thursday, August 14, 2014

Perseids vs The Supermoon

My goal was to capture a meteor in the same frame
with the nearly full super moon.
My automated Canon 1100D camera took 
nearly 800 15 second exposures beginning at
 about 1:00 AM along with this fireball at 
3:16 AM  on the 13th of August. 

On the very next frame, the trail of ash left by the 
fireball is back-lit by the nearly full moon.

Enhanced version shows the ash trail better.

This meteor occurred at 2:44 AM. I was recording 
the radio echos at the time. The following audio starts 
at 2:44:00 AM and runs 2.5 minutes. At 2:44:16, is 
a strong echo coinciding roughly with the above image.
 It's interesting that there is a flurry of echos beginning 
shortly after this at 2:45:14

 I use the antenna in the picture to record
radio echos from meteor trails.

And finally, the time lapse of 400 frames starting around
3:10 AM. There a several fainter meteors as well.