Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Solargraphy Project

     Solargraphy is the practice of taking extremely long exposures of the sky, up to six months or longer! I've been collecting the supplies for several months now and began placing my cameras the day before the summer solstice. I plan on collecting them on or around the winter solstice after approximately six months exposure.
    I set my first 3 pinhole cameras in Ventura, CA:

#1) Behind City Hall. Probably the most likely to be found by someone.
Lat N 34° 17' 0.2"
Lon W 119° 17' 35.3"

Facing 140° (SE)

#2) Along highway 1 just north of the city.
Lat N 34° 17' 51.8"
Lon W 119° 20' 33.7"

Facing 265° (West)
#3) Just south of #2 along the railroad tracks.
Lat N 34°17' 20.0"
Lon W 119° 20' 13.0 "


Facing 169° (SE)

Capsule Complete

Assembly of the capsule is complete. It only measures 6"x6"x1" and weighs just 220 grams (<8 oz.) The parachute is almost complete, then I will assemble everything and be ready for a full scale flight test. I hope to launch before the end of summer 2012, but won't set a date until everything is ready.